“When we learn to appreciate the smallest creatures, we learn to appreciate and value all creatures.”

-Tara Chapman

About Us

Two Hives Honey began with a gal who wanted to embark on a beekeeping adventure, but didn’t have the backyard space to house her hive. A good friend and neighbor recognized the benefits the honey bees would bring to his beautiful backyard garden and offered me a bit of space to install a few hives.  That spring,  along with a friend, I built and installed two hives in our new partner’s backyard. I was fascinated how the honey harvest not only differed significantly from that of other hives only a short distance away, but also had dramatically different flavor profiles in the spring and fall.  An idea sprung, and I decided to further the community model by establishing mutually beneficial partnerships to site hives throughout the Austin area.

However, what started started as a small honey company has evolved into so much more.  Each time I told someone about the new venture, the questions about the status of our bees and what folks could do to help always followed.  I then realized that our community was motivated and inspired to learn more and help, but didn’t know how to engage.  I began offering hive tours, beekeeping classes, and our HoneyHomes program to help others discover the fulfilling hobby of beekeeping.  A chance lecture on solitary bees would inspire my BeeBuilders kit, intended to teach our community about the importance of solitary bees.

The B Team

A team of Austinites that get to make loving on bees our day jobs. Meet the folks responsible for every single drop of liquid gold.



My favorite way to eat honey is on top of a banana with a bit of cinnamon and peanut butter!


The Queen Bee

My favorite way to eat honey is in my famous peanut butter balls!


Head of Gettin’ $hit Done

My favorite way to eat honey is in a cup of tea with lemon!


Director of First Impressions

My favorite way to eat honey is on my homeade bread!


The Bee Whisperer

My Favorite way to eat honey is with my daily Chai tea


Party Planning Committee

My favorite way to eat honey is with granola and yogurt!


Director of In Hive Experiences

My favorite way to eat honey is just like my grandfather taught me: scoop up a bit (or a lot!) of comb honey and pop it in my mouth!


The Ringer

My favorite way to eat honey is with a spoon!