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Did you know that honey bees aren’t actually native to the United States?
However, thousands of species of solitary bees, including mason and leafcutter bees, call our the U.S. home!
These bees don’t live in colonies like honey bees, and rather choose to live the single gal lifestyle.  

If you would like to support our native pollinators, our BeeBuilders kit is for you!
This program allows you to enjoy the experience of seeing native pollinators at work, with no ongoing maintenance from you. BeeBuilders is perfect for apartment dwellers, those allergic to honey bees, or those with restrictive HOA rules.

These pollinators are just as important to our ecosystem, and are well­ suited to our climate. Although these bees do have stingers, they are even more docile than honey bees. They generally only sting if they are grabbed or squeezed!

Our BeeBuilder kit includes all you need to start your own native bee habitat! You will receive one bee dwelling with a roof in the color of your choice to hang on your porch, balcony, or deck to provide a home for our solitary bees. Handmade in Austin, Texas by NAMU Craftworks, these beautiful dwellings are made from all-natural and untreated cedar.  Best part? Our bee homes are made to fit together, and you can buy additional homes to create your own solitary bee art!

You will also receive:

  • ­10 cocoons containing either hibernating mason or leafcutter bees ready to emerge to occupy their new bamboo home
  • Renewable bamboo stalks grown locally to provide nesting holes for the bees
  • Packet of bee-friendly seeds to plant in your yard
  • Instructions on how to prepare for the emergence of your new bees
  • ­A quarterly newsletter to help you learn more about the life cycle of your solitary bees and how to help them flourish in all seasons
  • ­Ongoing discounts from Two Hives Honey and our partners to thank you for supporting our local pollinators

Kits will ship starting March 2016!  Quantities are limited, so place your order now!

Spring mason bees are not recommended for Alaska and gulf regions of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. If you live in one of these areas, please contact us  before ordering so we can ensure you receive a certificate for leafcutter bees.  Current agricultural restrictions prohibit the shipment of bees to the state of Hawaii. 

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While solitary bees are known for their extremely gentle temperament, by purchasing bees from Two Hives Honey you acknowledge that  solitary bees are still wild insects and may sting.  Additionally, we will provide you with instructions on how to best ensure success in getting solitary bees to nest in your BeeBuilders Home, but it's important to understand that they may not hatch fully, may get eaten by birds or other predators, or may find other nesting places in your or your neighbor's yard.  Your kit will include a certificate code redeemable for bees and free shipping direct from a solitary bee breeder.  This will ensure you receive the bees best suited for your location.  

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