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HoneyHomes FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the HoneyHomes Program

I want bees, but I live in the city and don’t own a large plot of land. Can I still have a hive?

Absolutely! As long as you own your property you are a great candidate for our HoneyHomes program! Honeybee hives are legal in the city, and we will perform a site assessment to ensure we can place your hives in a manner that is in compliance with the City of Austin regulations. Urban bees tend to flourish because of all the wonderful blooms available for them in the yards of our wonderful Austin residents.

This is crazy, honeybees sting and are really dangerous! Why is this a good idea?

Great question! Unlike wasps and yellow jackets, honeybees do not act in a predatory manner, and are actually incredibly docile and rarely attack unless they are near their home and feel threatened. Still unsure? We recommend you come on a hive tour to get a better understanding for how gentle these wonderful creatures can actually be.

Why do I receive two hives under the program, and not just one?

We have found that maintaining two hives is much easier than one, because you can share precious resources between the two hives to help boost a weak hive. Two hives provide double the educational opportunities, with very little additional work.

What if, after 18 months, I still get stuck and need help with a question or issue in the hives?

Don’t fret! We are here to help. You can buy additional blocks of hours of assistance from a professional beekeeper, via phone or in person, to use as you need them!

What if, after 18 months, I am loving the bees but still don’t want to take on maintenance?

We will be happy to discuss an ongoing relationship in which we will continue to maintain the hives. Contact us to learn more.

What if I move or need the hives removed during the 18 months?

If at any point the hives need to be removed, call us and we will work out a time to come and retrieve the hives. Please know that a cancellation fee may apply.

Do you only serve specific zip codes under this program?

We serve most of the centrally located zip codes in Austin! If you happen to live outside of those zip codes, you will be assessed a low monthly fee to help pay for the additional costs associated with servicing your hives. We will discuss if these apply during your site assessment, or contact us to learn more!

I have chickens, dogs, and/or children. Can I still have hives?

Yes! Dogs, children, and chickens all coexist very happily with our hives currently sited across Austin. Your school­aged children often have the most to gain from this program, as they will receive an education like no other. We have full protective gear to help ensure kids won’t miss out on the fun.

What happens to the honey harvested during the 18 months?

The hives are owned in whole by Two Hives Honey during the 18 months, including all products harvested from that hive. If a harvest is performed during the 18 months, we will of course share a bit of honey with you and your family!

Unfortunately, I can’t have honeybees because I live in an apartment or have an HOA that prohibits keeping hives. How else can I help?

Did you know that honeybees aren’t native to Texas, but hundreds of species of native solitary bees are? Please check out our BeeBuilders program to learn how you can still participate in supporting our native pollinators!

I love this idea, but I don’t own my home or the cost is a bit prohibitive for me right now. How can I still participate?

Please check out our BeeBuilders program, or perhaps you can partner with a neighbor or two in your neighborhood to make the program an option for you! Our founder, Tara, didn’t own land when she first started her hives. She asked around and found a neighbor that wanted bees but wasn’t interested in taking on the hobby. What started as a neighborhood partnership inspired the idea behind Two Hives Honey! We would love to work with a neighborhood interested in joining together to help find a proper site and fund the program. Everyone wins! The bees will provide a priceless education and experience, a significant increase in the yield of everyone’s gardens, and delicious honey for all to share.

What if I want to open the hives and see what’s going on in the hive?

During the 18 months, refrain from ever entering the hives without an employee of Two Hives on site. This is for the safety of you and the bees. If we learn that you enter the hives without prior permission from us, we reserve the right to remove the hives without a refund. If you ever are having an issue, please call us anytime! One of the amazing benefits of this program is that a professional beekeeper is only a call away to deal with any issues.

Do you have insurance?

Yes! ALL hives under the program are covered under a very robust liability insurance program!

Will you be entering my property to check my hives without my permission or knowledge?

Barring an emergency, you will always have plenty of advance notification of when we plan to perform regularly scheduled maintenance. If our regularly scheduled maintenance falls on a day that doesn’t work for you, we will work with you to reschedule.

I have an issue with my bees. What do I do?

Call us! The advantage of this program is you will have a beekeeper to call in an emergency.

What do I provide in exchange for the hives?

In addition to the cost of the program, you simply have to provide a small plot of land in your yard (don’t worry, we will help choose the best spot and ensure you are in compliance with all city laws) and permission to enter your yard for hive maintenance. You also commit to restraining from the use of toxic and harmful pesticides in your yard. We take care of the rest!

How will the classes and workshops work?

Early next year we will release our schedule of workshops and classes. You will have several date options to sign up for each class and workshop. Hands­on lessons will be scheduled directly with you.

This sounds amazing. What do I do next?

Sign up to apply and we will be in touch soon!

I have more questions! Where do I go?

Just email us! We are happy to answer any and all questions.

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