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HoneyHomes Class III

Welcome new HoneyHome owners! Mark your calendars for the following beekeeping workshops and classes.  Please note that exact times and locations will be announced 15 days before each scheduled workshop, but you can expect each workshop to last 2-3 hours and each private lesson 1-1.5 hours.  Start times for each workshop or class will be within 2 hours of listed time below.  Private lessons will be scheduled at your convenience.  

9:00 AM09:00

Honey Harvesting

The topic everyone has been waiting for...honey!  We will cover how, when, and how much honey to harvest and how to get all those bees off the honey!  Next we will discuss different methods for extracting the honey, both for jarred honey and how to cut comb honey. Finally, you will learn how to render your beeswax and together we will make several wax products for you to take home. 

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7:00 PM19:00

Integrated Pest Management

Like any form of animal husbandry, beekeeping is not without it's share of pests and disease that we must contend with.  In this class, we will cover the spectrum of bee pests and disease, and discuss strategies to prevent and minimize these inconveniences to our hives!  This is a classroom only class

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to May 11


Your bees will arrive during the months of April or May.  These dates are set by our preferred bee breeder and are subject to change based on weather.  Currently those dates are April 13-14 and May 11-12.  During our first class we will provide you each with your designated bee day!  Installs will take approximately 30 minutes and we encourage the entire family to participate.  



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9:00 AM09:00

Hive Inspection 101

This hands-on class is your first opportunity to see what it's like to be a beekeeper! The first half of the class will be spent discussing how, why, and when we perform hive inspections.  The second half of the class will be hands-on, inspecting hives at one of our apiaries! All protective gear and tools are  provided. (You will have an opportunity to purchase your own gear early in the program if you would like.)

Exact location to be provided. Note that hands-on classes are always weather dependent.  If it's raining or below 60 degrees we will need to reschedule.  Some level of flexibility and understanding is appreciated given we are working outside with live animals! 

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7:00 PM19:00

Orientation and Intro to Bee Biology and Behavior 101

This is our version of what to expect when expecting (honey bees)!! In this, our first session, we will discuss the logistics and practicalities of how the program will work, including billing, notifications of inspections, and classes. Bring all of your questions about the HoneyHomes program!  

The remainder of the class will be spent introducing you to your new 'roommates.' We will discuss the three different castes of honey bees, the development cycle, how to set up your site, and more.

NOTE: Even if you signed up for the 'single' option of classes, in this class, up to 2 people from your household are welcome to attend!

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