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10 Mason Bee Cocoons

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10 Mason Bee Cocoons


Mason bees can help your garden flourish!  Mason bees are native to the United States and are better pollinators for many of our native plants, yet have seen a decline in population in recent  years due to a loss in habitat.  

You will receive a prepaid certificate redeemable for a box of 10 mason bees from a mason bee breeder.  Once you receive your certificate, enter the code on the website, choose your shipping date, and receive bees specially selected for your area shipped priority mail for free!  Each box includes 4 female and 6 male cocoons.  

Before adding mason bees to the garden, ensure you have an appropriate habitat for nesting!  See our selection.  Watch this video for important tips on handling and care of your cocoons.  

Mason bees ship November-April and are not available for FL, AK, HI and the gulf coasts of LA, MS, and AL.


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