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Raw Honey Jars-8 ounces


Raw Honey Jars-8 ounces

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Raw Honey Jars-8 ounces

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Our raw honey is never heated or filtered, and has all the goodness nature intended! Each jar is labeled with the neighborhood where the bees are located. We can’t at this time guarantee you a certain neighborhood, but you can site your preference in your order comments. (We often have the East Side, South Austin, North Austin, and North Loop.) If available we will send your preference.

Please note that all jars are crystallized. Crystallized honey is the best indicator to show you purchased real raw honey! You can consume crystallized honey as is, or put the jar in a pot of warm (never boiling!) water to liquify again

We harvest the comb honey twice a year from our neighborhood apiaries, being careful to only take excess honey and to leave plenty for the bees to eat.  The flavor, color, and even thickness of your honey will vary based on what the flowers the bees were visiting when they created the honey.

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