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Bucket Strainer System


Bucket Strainer System


If you are a hobbyist beekeeper with just a few hives, no need to buy expensive extractors! This handy bucket strainer system for use extracting honey, via the crush-and-strain method.

To use: simply place honeycombs into the top bucket (which is lined with a screened bag), smash up the combs, place the the lid on top and wait for your honey to drain into the bucket below. Place the buckets in the sun (making sure the lid is on tight so no insects get in) or in a heated room and let gravity do the work.  


  • 1 3.5 gallon bucket with honey gate
  • 1 3.5 gallon bucket with bottom drain holes
  • 2 lids (1 with a hole cut out for the honey to drain through)
  • 1 strainer bag


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