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Comb Honey 4x4 inches

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Comb Honey 4x4 inches

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Honey, just the way the bees intended!  Honey bees produce beeswax from glands on their abdomens, and use this wax to build perfect hexagon-shaped cells to store their honey. Comb honey is the rawest form of honey you can buy, untouched by human hands and protected with a beautiful wax capping. 

Choose from one of our neighborhood honeys, or pick the 'Beekeeper's Choice' and save $4!  The 4x4 in comb honey is approximately 12-14 ounces

How to enjoy: Beeswax comb is completely edible, and a special gift from the bees! We love to smear a piece of comb honey on a really hot biscuit or piece of bread, stir it into our honey, and enjoy with a nice cheese. Comb honey makes a terrific holiday or housewarming gift.  Read about our favorite ways to eat it! 

We harvest the comb honey twice a year from our neighborhood apiaries, being careful to only take excess honey and to leave plenty for the bees to eat.  The flavor, color, and even thickness of your honey will vary based on what the flowers the bees were visiting when they created the honey.  

A note about shipping: comb honey can be fragile, and while we take great care in packing and shipping the comb honey, note that a few of the hexagon cells may break open in shipping.  However, don't worry, as it is still completely edible.  Enjoy!

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