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TEST: HoneyHomes

Become a HoneyHome Owner

Beekeeping is an incredibly rewarding hobby, but we know that even the most dedicated
honey bee lover can quickly become overwhelmed in researching how to start a hive. But what if you could learn
the art of beekeeping, without the stress of overcoming the steep learning curve or the worry that your
hive may not survive that tricky first year? 

We want to make the transition to honey bee ownership easy, stress­ free, and fun!

You will also receive:

  • A free hive tour on your personal hives to help introduce your new passion to all your friends and family
  • ­A quarterly newsletter to help you learn more about the life cycle of your honeybees and how to help them flourish
  • ­Ongoing discounts and a free gift from us, to thank you for providing a wonderful home to our honeybees

After 18 months, the hives are yours to maintain. Your garden will love the benefits from these most efficient pollinators, your friends will love the gifts you harvest from the hive, and you can feel good knowing you have helped support our honey bee population.

Would you like the opportunity to experience hands-­on lessons
on hives in your own backyard, maintained by a professional beekeeper?  If so, apply to be part of our HoneyHome program today!

As a HomeyHome owner, you will receive two installed and fully-maintained honey bee hives in your backyard.  Your honey bees will be well cared for, using all-natural practices. Along the way
we will provide you with beekeeping classes, workshops with other HoneyHome owners, and hands-­on instruction to prepare you to take full ownership of your honeybees. You will learn about bee biology, employing integrated pest management without damaging chemicals or antibiotics, and how to responsibly harvest products from the hive.

Cost of Tuition:

You have two options for payment, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs!

  • $500 Payment
  • $50 monthly fee for 18 months


  • $85 monthly fee for 18 months

Take a look below at the first­ year costs for establishing two hives. You will see that the total cost of our 18 month program is competitive with the do­-it-­yourself option.

Further, first ­year success in establishing healthy, strong hives is far from guaranteed!  And although beekeeping is not a time intensive hobby, overcoming the learning curve certainly can be. We know that hands­-on experience with an experienced beekeeper is the easiest and most effective way to learn how to keep bees. 

Still have some questions? Check out our FAQ to learn more!

We only have a limited number of HoneyHomes for 2016, so if you are ready to start your own rewarding journey as a beekeeper, complete the form to apply.

After we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule a site assessment to make sure your home is a good fit for honey bees.

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