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Take a Little Two Hives Home!

If you’re looking for any of the products of the hive you experienced during Jared University, we have you covered!  You can shop our store for authentic Two Hives Honey products such as honey and comb honey, balms, propolis products, and more. Home just gets sweeter with Two Hives.
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Become a Backyard Beekeeper!

Whether you’re a budding beekeeper overwhelmed by where to begin or just bee-curious, our online education is designed to inform.  We offer a beautiful 4 video course and accompanying guidebook that will provide you with the tools  and information you need to get started as a successful beekeeper! You can also find unique information available on a variety of topics related to beekeeping.

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Connect with our Community!

Join our community for more bee story telling, tips on living more sustainably, and of course all things honey!