Beekeeping Classes + Consults in Austin

Beekeeping is as nuanced as it is rewarding, and can be an overwhelming endeavor. The best way to learn to keep bees is from an experienced beekeeper, and our team offers four options to meet your educational beekeeping needs.

We offer a rotating menu of beginner and intermediate beekeeping classes, providing a fun and economical group learning experience. If you are looking for a more tailored experience, our team provides private lessons on your own hives or in our own apiaries. Our popular beek apprenticeship offers more than 50 hours of small group instruction over six Saturdays. And finally, we also have a growing number of online classes to help you as well.

Learn Beekeeping together.

Beekeeping is an investment, and there’s no better way to protect your investment than by working with an experienced beekeeper to learn the skills needed to help your bees thrive.

Our menu of seasonal offerings can help everyone from aspirational beekeepers looking to get started to existing beekeepers hoping to improve special skill sets.

Group classes are a fun way to meet other beekeepers in our community!

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One on One Training.

If you are looking for more tailored and hands-on beekeeping lesson, we provide private lessons in and around the Austin area. A curious hive conundrum have you stuck? Unsure of how to best prepare for the changing seasons in Texas? Want some assistance determining how much honey can be responsibly harvested?  Just need some help finding your queen? Our experts can help.

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A Masterclass in Beekeeping

Over 6 Saturdays, you will receive 50 hours of in-person instruction, and more than half of those hours will be spent suited up inspecting bee hives.

By dedicating one day a month, you will see the vast seasonality involved in beekeeping, and receive hands-on instruction to learn how what we can expect each season, what interventions may be required, and how to respond to what has become unpredictable Texas weather.

Your registration includes all the tools and gear you’ll need as a beekeeper, all your texts, and lunch at one of Austin’s premier restaurants each month.

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Learn Beekeeping on your Time, From Home.

Whether you can’t make it to the Honey Ranch or just learn better on your own time and speed, check out our online beekeeping courses!

Our library of online classes is always growing and ready to support beginning beekeepers and beyond.  If you are brand new to beekeeping, be sure to start with our Intro to Beekeeping Capstone!

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