Get out of the Office...

And get into nature!

We offer unique experiences for teams looking to get outside and that value experiences over stuff. Perfect for team building, a way to punch up an offsite meeting, or just a unique way to treat your group. For everyone from the intellectually curious to the bee obsessed, we guarantee a day your team won’t soon forget. Choose from one of our three signature experiences or combine several to make it a day at our Honey Ranch, located just a few miles east of Austin, TX.  

Hive Tours

Experience the wonder of bees in a way that few get to experience: through the hands-on exploration of an active honey bee hive. Your day will start with a professional beekeeper, who will share an introduction on honey bee colonies.  Next, suit up in protective gear, light a bee smoker, and prepare to get up close with more than 100,000 bees. Your tour will end with a taste of the freshest honey, straight from the hive!

Honey Harvest Party

New for 2023! Be prepared to get sticky as you join our beekeepers in a honey harvest! You’ll learn about each step of the harvesting process, and then participate in a full honey harvest. You’ll start the class with untouched frames of pure honeycomb, and each participant will go home with a mini jar of honey harvested by your team! Next, enjoy a mini honey flight led by a beekeeper.  (Note: this experience does not involve opening bee hives.)

Honey Sensory Experience

A private Honey Sensory class is a sommelier-style tasting of 5 honeys paired with cheeses and other complimentary flavors. With each course, you’ll gain an appreciation for bees’ honey-making process, different floral sources and the resulting honey, and the ways honey can be manipulated after it is pulled from the hive. Need a virtual option? Let us ship honey and cheese boxes to your team anywhere in the continental U.S., and then tune in to join a beekeeper live online for the experience. 

Ready to plan your day?

Get in touch! Our perfect rating on Google says it all! We’ve introduced thousands of people to a little bit of honey bee magic, and each one has left with a unique story. We work with a wide variety of corporate clients and event planners in Austin to create unique events for their guests and we look forward to customizing an event for you. We also offer our Honey Ranch for rent for offsite events and meetings. Virtual? Contact us to learn more about our shipped honey sensory experience! 

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