“When we learn to appreciate the smallest creatures, we learn to appreciate and value all creatures.”

-Tara Chapman

About Us

Two Hives Honey was started by Tara Chapman, a native from the tiny West Texas town of Smyer, Texas.  Tara had barely left Texas when she was accepted into Duke University. After graduation in 2003, Tara’s expanding world grew even larger when she was offered a job with the Central Intelligence Agency.  Tara spent the next 10 years working for the federal government, filling up that new passport with stamps from countries such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan.

On a fateful day in Austin Texas,  Tara took her first beekeeping class with a friend, Gina, now a member of the Two Hives team.  Inspired and in love with the bees, Tara quit her government job to work for a beekeeper in East Texas rearing queen bees for 4 months. What started a solopreneur running hive tours for Meetup groups on 2 neighborhood hives has evolved into a socially conscious business that aims to educate our community, support other local businesses, and of course, offer you the best damn honey Texas bees can make.

The B Team

A team of Austinites that get to make loving on bees our day jobs. Meet the folks responsible for every single drop of liquid gold.



My favorite way to eat honey is on top of a banana with a bit of cinnamon and peanut butter!


Chair of Problem Solving

My favorite way to eat honey is with goat cheese!


Operations Manager

My favorite way to eat honey is with a spoon.
Two Hives Honey beekeeper Cyn Danielson


Bee Whisperer

My favorite way to eat honey is drizzled over yogurt and strawberries.


Tour Guide

My favorite way to eat honey is on cheese.
Kat Jones, event coordinator


Jill of all trades!

My favorite way to eat honey is cut comb honey with good cheese and GF crostini.