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Good+Ready Tea Concentrates are made from the leaves of the yaupon holly, the only caffeine source native to North America. The leaves in your tea traveled 80 miles, not 8,000! Yaupon does not contain tannins and produces a smoother, naturally sweeter version of conventional tea. Our yaupon is wild-foraged in Texas without the use of irrigation or pesticides. Native American tribes have cherished yaupon as a drink full of health benefits such as antioxidants and theobromine for hundreds of years.

Serving Suggestion: Mix 2 tbsp of concentrate with 8 ounces of sparkling, still, hot, or cold water. One bottle will make 8 servings of team. Store open bottle in refrigerator and use within two weeks. Unopened bottle has one year shelf life.

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Choose from three flavors, all made from organic ingredients:

Original Unsweet: For the OG iced tea drinkers! Make it your own by adding your own sweetener or juices.

Ginger & Juniper Tea Concentrate: A balance of slightly sweet with slightly spicy ginger is perfect for those that like a little kick! We love this one served hot!

Half tea & half lemonade: Our version of an Arnold Palmer! Refreshing served cold on a hot day or serve hot for a comforting drink.

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Original Unsweet, Haf & Half Lemonade, Ginger & Juniper