Tours + Tastings

For those who value experiences over stuff, we offer public and private beehive experiences and honey sensory and tasting classes.

Through the hands­-on exploration of an active, living beehive, learn about the intriguing world of honey bees in a way that few get to experience! Your tour, led by a professional beekeeper, will include suiting up in protective gear, lighting a bee smoker, and getting up close with more than 100,000 bees. Our public tours are perfect for a date night or an adventure with friends!

Interested in a more intimate experience with your team or group? Schedule your own private hive tour where you can customize your experience with a palate-changing, sommelier-style honey sensory experience.

A hive experience for all.

Our public hive tours are perfect for the bee lover and intellectually curious. Tours are capped at 10 to give you a truly hands-on bee experience. We offer 2 tours: adult only tours and tours that are family friendly for all, ages 6 and up.

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In Beautiful Scenery

Tours are held at our farm in Manor, 20 minutes Northeast of Downtown Austin. Come for the bees, and stick around for the beautiful scenery in the Texas countryside. Tours are 1.5 hours.

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A truly unique experience

  • Guided tour of a beehive by a professional beekeeper
  • Protective gear
  • Honey tasting, fresh from the hive
  • Cool beverage
  • Surprise gift to support local pollinators
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Stimulate your senses.

Our expert beekeeping staff will guide you through the tastes, textures, smells and flavors of 5 different honeys paired with cheeses, nuts, and other accompaniments.

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A journey from flower to honey.

With each honey course, you’ll gain an appreciation for bee’s honey-making process, different floral sources and the resulting honeys, and the methods in which honey can be manipulated after it is pulled from the hive.

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Virtual, from the comfort of your home!

Pick up your goodie bag and plate the day of your class, and tune in from home for  a guided tour of the rainbow of honey colors and flavors and learn how to better pair honeys with different foods.

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A dream experience for your team.

Two Hives Honey and Bee Tree Farm & Dairy have combined their passions for bees, honey, goats and cheese into one afternoon your group won’t soon forget. With two exclusive and customizable experiences, your group can tour a dairy and taste the cheese produced there, explore an active bee hive and taste fresh honey, or both!

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Bees & Baby Goats. Oh yeah.

Enrich your afternoon by adding unique experiences such as harvesting your own honey from frame to jar.

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A dream for your team

Whether it’s a special occasion, team building or just a unique day for the group that values experiences over stuff, we look forward to sharing the joy of our bees.

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