Body Balms


These natural balms are made with olive oil, essential oils, herbs and, of course, Two Hives Honey beeswax.

Choose from relaxing, healing and warming (or get one of each!).


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2 ounce tins

Relaxing Balm contains: olive oil, goldenrod, calendula, plantain, yarrow, and beeswax with lavender, chamomile, and blood orange essential oils.

Healing Balm contains: an unscented all-purpose balm for irritated skin, cuts, and scrapes. Olive oil, goldenrod, calendula, plantain, yarrow, and beeswax.

Warming Balm contains: olive oil, comfrey, arnica, plantain, yarrow, goldenrod, and beeswax with eucalyptus, rosemary, spruce, camphor, and lavender essential oils.

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Relaxing, Healing, Warming