For the Bees: A Handbook for Happy Beekeeping (Coming soon!)


Tara’s new book will be released November 5th!  All pre-orders will ship inNovember.  Tara will sign every pre-ordered book! If you’d like a special dedication, please mention in the comments. 

A handbook for what to expect the first year of beekeeping and beyond.

The path to becoming a successful beekeeper begins with a deep understanding of the bees themselves. Taking an approach that is both holistic and practical, Tara Chapman, founder and operator of Austin’s beloved Two Hives Honey, begins with a primer on honey bee biology and nutrition as well as beehive architecture. (Did you ever wonder why honey combs are composed of tiny hexagons?) A little scientific knowledge goes a long way: a beekeeper who understands how these fascinating creatures work will be better equipped to recognize a particular colony’s needs, make sound decisions when the unexpected happens, and adapt their care regimen to changing conditions. Moving beyond the basics, Chapman shows potential beekeepers how to spot pests and diseases; manage swarms (those bees aren’t angry; they’re just looking for a good home); and, of course, harvest delicious homegrown honey.

Imbued with the joy of the beekeeping journey, For the Bees provides practical visual explanations through appealing illustrations, that, alongside Chapman’s own stories from the bee yard, share the charms of these essential insects.


Remember-you are pre-ordering Tara’s book! Books will ship in November. All pre-orders will be signed by Tara. If you would like a special dedication, please mention in the comments!



There is so much to learn as a new beekeeper that it can be intimidating. Tara Chapman presents all the information you need to start your beekeeping journey, and does so in a warm and friendly but trustworthy voice. I’ve read many beekeeping books over twenty years of beekeeping, and For the Bees has quickly become one of my favorites! ~Blake Shook, The Bee Supply

For the Bees is packed with practical information, real-life ‘Lessons from a Beekeeper,’ and fun illustrations that will nurture beginners as well as experienced apiarists. ~Juliana Rangel, Professor of Entomology and Director of the Texas A&M University Honey Bee Research Program



  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. Honey Bee Biology
  • Chapter 2. A Honey Bee’s Home
  • Chapter 3. Honey Bee Nutrition
  • Chapter 4. Getting Started Beekeeping
  • Chapter 5. Performing a Hive Inspection
  • Chapter 6. Understanding the Queen Bee
  • Chapter 7. Feeding Honey Bees
  • Chapter 8. All Things Swarming: Colony Reproduction
  • Chapter 9. Growing an Apiary: Making Increases
  • Chapter 10. Parasites, Pathogens, and Pests
  • Chapter 11. Harvesting from the Hive
  • Chapter 12. Beekeeping through the Seasons
  • Chapter 13. Ensuring Beekeeping Success: Common Mistakes + Best Practices
  • Acknowledgments
  • Glossary
  • Notes
  • Suggested Resources
  • Index

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