Comb Honey


Comb honey is the rawest form of honey available. We cut our comb honey by hand right off the frame, fresh from the hive. This makes a stunning addition to a cheese plate with its gorgeous hexagons filled with delicious honey. And, yes, you can eat the wax!

We can’t guarantee availability of any one neighborhood, but you can state your preference in your order notes. Choose from: Round Rock, South Austin, East Side, North Loop or Manor.”

Want some more information? You can learn more from our blog about “Comb Honey” and “How to Eat Comb Honey”.


**A note on shipping: Because our comb honey is 100% built by the bees, and we dont use a foundation starter strip for bees to build comb on like most all comb honey on the market, our product is a bit more fragile. This means you are getting a far superior product with a beautiful smooth mouthfeel, but it can get a little broken up in shipping.  Just know that it will still taste divine!

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