Pass The Comb Honey

Comb honey is one of nature’s wonders. In another blog, I gushed over why I love it so, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to eat it!  You can use comb honey in any way that you’d use honey from a jar. However, comb honey is a very special product (yes, far more special than the jarred honey you are likely used to), so particular care should be taken to ensure any recipe highlights the special attributes of this culinary marvel.  I’ve given you some ideas below, and they are listed from the more obvious and common to the more adventurous.  Keep in mind that a little comb honey goes a long way. There’s a lot more honey in those hexagons that you probably think. This plate above👆is courtesy of the fabulous team from Academia in downtown Austin. My cheese plates only look like this in my dreams.


Cheese Plate

No longer will dairy be the main event on your cheese plate: move over brie and munster, comb honey is here to steal your thunder. Pair with plain or candied nuts, a variety of cheeses and crackers, and even some jams and preserves for a delightful ‘choose your own culinary’ adventure for your guests.  

Paired with Bread

You’ll never look at bread the same way again once you pair it with comb honey.  The key here is ensure your glutenous canvas is really hot.  Whether you choose toast, a biscuit, or, a personal favorite, cornbread, a really hot base will ensure the comb honey melts into the crevices of your bread. No need for butter here!  Comb honey also makes a great addition to a waffle and pancake bar! 

As a Breakfast Accompaniment

Shake up your breakfast by adding a bit of comb honey atop your yogurt or oatmeal.  I’m personally not a big oatmeal fan, but every day for over a year my breakfast of champions has been a cup of Greek yogurt, cacao nibs or spiced pecans, berries, and a dollop of comb honey. 

My daily breakfast.  It’s as delicious as it is gorgeous. 

Peanut Butter and Comb Honey Sandwiches

This is how I gained my winter ‘coat’ in the cold ’17-’18 Austin winter. (It snowed–twice!)  Take two pieces of bread and make a traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but leave out the jelly, and instead add a few small bits of comb honey.  I then like to place the sandwich in a pan with a bit of butter, flipping it over a time or two to ensure it gets evenly toasted.  The heat from the pan will make sure that peanut butter, honey, and wax melt together, and then melt in your mouth. 

Comb Honey Salad

Apples? Uh uh.  A spoonful of comb honey per day keeps the doctor away. 

This one is the newest to me, but combining comb honey in more savory meals is becoming my favorite way to experiment.  Lately I’ve been topping arugula with a salty pecorino, a few pecans and apples, a bit of olive oil, freshly ground pepper, and a few dollops of comb honey.  

Comb Honey and Goat Cheese Pizza

This one I discovered while at a ‘make your own’ pizza party last spring.  I’d just started the spring 2017 harvest, and I brought a square from the very first frame harvested for the year to share with new friends.  We got creative, and it paid off.  We found that a combination of goat cheese, figs, arugula, topped with small bits of comb honey made for one of the most amazing pizzas we’d had.  Of course, we also had the benefit of an outdoor Italian pizza oven, but I am pretty sure your results would be pretty stellar in a regular home oven too!  

Of course, sometimes the best way is the simplest way.  If you find yourself worrying about how to eat your comb honey, you’re thinking too hard.  If I’m speaking honestly, my favorite way to eat comb honey is with a spoon!

I’d love to hear your own ideas and favorite ways of how to eat comb honey.
Please share them in the comments below, and maybe your ideas will make it in the next blog!

A square of comb honey

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  • Robin Siegel says:

    Hi, I bought some of your mesquite comb honey a couple of years ago and I’m ashamed to say that it was never opened. I just found it in the back of the cabinet. It looks very dark. Is that the way it is supposed to look? Is it still good? I know honey never goes bad, but am not sure about the comb. Thanks!

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