Propolis Extract


This extract is made from propolis collected by Two Hives Honey’s beekeepers from our hives. What is propolis? Honey bees collect resins known for their anti-bacterial nature from trees, and  blend it with enzymes and beeswax, producing propolis.  Propolis is a honey bee colony’s immune support: by lining the hive with it, bees create a shield that protects the colony from disease. You can read more about propolis and research of its uses.

Our propolis extract can be used as a daily supplement by adding a few drops in to water or a smoothie, or taking 3-5 drops under the tongue. In traditional medicine, propolis is also used as as topical treatment to help heal minor cuts and burns, and as a mouth wash to treat sores or scratchy throats. Recent research also suggests that propolis can have benefits for skin care.

Please note: if you have an allergy to honey or bees, you will also have a reaction to products containing propolis.

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1 ounce bottle with dropper
extract ingredients: propolis, propylene glycol

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