“Two Hives Honey has been part of our bestselling curated gift boxes from the beginning. The packaging looks great and it’s hands down the best honey around!”

-Catherine,  Owner of the Artisan Gift Boxes

About Our Honey

Our honey is always truly local, harvested from hives within 20 miles of downtown Austin, raw, and never heated or filtered. We are the beekeepers for all our hives, and are not honey packers like most larger honey companies.   Because we are a small, truly local producer, our product availability changes frequently. You can see our current offerings below.  Please keep scrolling to learn more about our honey!

Wholesale Retail

Free delivery in the Austin area with orders over $200. FedEx ground shipping is also available!

Contact orders@twohiveshoney.com to place an order.

Comb Honey

6 oz

12 boxes to a case

Wholesale: $15.50

MSRP: $22-26

Mini Chunk Honey

3 oz

24 per case

Wholesale: $6.5

MSRP: $10-11

Raw Honey

7 oz

12 per case

Wholesale: $11

MSRP: $17

Mini Raw Honey

3 oz

24 per case

Wholesale: $5

MSRP: $8-9

Neighborhood Raw Honey

6 oz

12 per case

Wholesale: $11

MSRP: $17

Please inquire about different neighborhood availability.

Bulk Wholesale

When supply allows, we provide bulk honey for bars and restaurants.  Supply is often limited based on each year’s harvest. Our comb honey is gorgeous on pastries or cheese boards, and we have a limited number of quarts of raw honey for cocktails and recipes.

4x4 Comb Honey

12 oz


Very limited

Quart of Raw Honey

48 ounces



“When I think of local honey, there is no more local honey than Two Hives. The fact that the neighborhood is listed on the honey, showing which hives it has come from, is my favorite part. How much more local could it get than “East Side” or “South Austin?” When opening the Tiny Grocer on South Congress, Two Hives had to be the honey we sell – and sell it we do!”

-Steph,  Owner of Tiny Grocer

About Our Honey

With the exception of our mesquite honey, all of our honeys are multi-floral, meaning the bees use several different nectar sources to produce the honey. However, because our honey is harvested in small batches by neighborhood, we often see a large variation in the color, consistency, and flavor profile of honeys produced just a few miles from one another.  Generally speaking, spring harvests are lighter in color and sweeter and more floral in flavor, while fall harvests are much darker in color and have a deeper and more robust flavor profile.  We will accommodate preferences as possible.  Mesquite is our one single varietal honey, meaning all the nectar produced from this honey comes from a single floral source: the mesquite tree.  It is generally available starting in July.  This honey is very limited.  


All of our honey is produced by bees located within 20 miles of downtown Austin and harvested and cut or jarred by hand.  If you purchase from our neighborhood line, your honey will come labeled with the neighborhood where it was produced.  Our neighborhoods change frequently, but generally include North Loop, South Austin, North Austin, Manor, and the East Side.  We will provide honey from the neighborhood of your preference if we have it in stock. Our mesquite honey is from our Manor apiaries, and all the nectar for this honey is gathered from Texas mesquite trees.


Store at room temperature.  Keep away from extreme cold or heat.


Our bees produce almost all of their food stores in less than 8 weeks’ time. We generally have two honey harvests in Central Texas, one in July and another in October or November. We place the health and well-being of our honey bees above all else, and therefore only harvest what is truly surplus, to ensure the bees have enough honey to sustain them through the winter. Although honey is a very seasonal product, it also has a very long shelf life, so you can buy in bulk without worrying.


We are a treatment-free beekeeping operation, meaning we do not use any chemical treatments or antibiotics in our hives.  Because bees travel up to 3 miles from their hives in search of food, we cannot guarantee that our bees do not come into contact with any pesticides.  However, we are very selective in choosing the sites for our bees, to ensure as best we can that our bees have access to clean, healthy nectar. The USDA does not have organic standards for honey in the United States, but we are one of the most ethical, all-natural, and organic commercial operations you will find.

Come Visit Us!

We invite you out to the Honey Ranch for a honey tasting and to see our operations for yourself! Once we have an established relationship, we’d love to invite your staff out to our hives for a complimentary hive tour, so they can learn all about how bees produce honey.