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The best way to learn beekeeping is alongside an experienced beekeeper in bee hives. Our Beek Apprenticeship is a unique, 50 hour guided educational program that offers just that:  classroom workshops, exploring bee biology and theory, combined with hands-on experience working dozens of hives each session. After 6 Saturdays you will walk away with more experience than most beekeepers that have had hives for 5+ years. We make it easy by offering convenient payment options and discounts for full-pay. The bees are calling you … here’s your answer.
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Our hive tours provide an opportunity to learn about the world of honey bees in a way few experience, through the hands-on exploration of an active bee hive!  Hive tours are the perfect way to try out beekeeping in a low-risk way, and make a great weekend date or fun adventure with friends. You can also book a private hive tour or honey tasting for your group. Let us know how we can make your experience special.

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