Honey Tasting Kit


This honey kit was created to accompany the honey and tea tasting class on Nov 15, co hosted by Two Hives and the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Malawi at 1pm CST. Buy your kit and tune into this FREE class! More on the class below.

Each honey sensory kit contains:
3 each 1.5 ounce sample jars of honey
1 honey sensory wheel
1 honey sensory exercise



We are partnering with Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Malawi to bring you this FREE tea and honey tasting class.

Tea Tasting

The three teas and one tisane, fresh from Satemwa Estate in Malawi, have been selected with the Holiday Season in mind. We will share recipes for cocktails and tea desserts. After you register for the class, you will be provided with a link to purchase your teas

Honey Tasting

Experience the journey from flower to honey in this mini sommelier-style honey tasting. Our beekeepers will guide you through the tastes, textures, smells and flavors of 3 different honeys. Using honey as our guide, we will help strengthen your senses and palate as you identify a rainbow of colors and flavors and learn how to better pair honeys with different foods. With each honey course, you’ll gain an appreciation for bee’s honey-making process, different floral sources and the resulting honeys, and the methods in which honey can be manipulated after it is pulled from the hive.

You can register for this FREE event here. Please order your honey tasting kit at least 1 week in advance of class to ensure it arrives in time!

Additional information

Weight 13 oz

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