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This is the gateway drug.  Chunk honey is the best of both worlds: a cube of comb honey floating in a jar of delicious raw honey.  Perfect for cheese platters and picnics, this mini comb honey is ready to wow your guests.

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What is comb honey? Honey bees produce beeswax from glands in their abdomens, and use this wax to build perfect and gorgeous hexagons to hold the honey they cure from nectar. Whereas most beekeepers cut the caps off these wax hexagons and sling the honey into a centrifuge for jarring, we instead hand cut portions of the completed honey-filled hexagons and sell the comb honey just as the bees intended. Comb honey is the rawest form of honey you can buy, untouched by human hands, as each cell is protected with a film of wax that is less than a millimeter thick. Our comb honey contains all the healthy pollens, propolis, and enzymes placed there by the bees. Learn more about comb honey.

How do I eat comb honey? Comb honey will steal the show on a cheese platter, and you can’t go wrong with a comb honey on a really hot piece of bread. We love topping yogurt with berries, granola and comb honey,  or even using on an arugula salad with a bit of pecorino cheese.  Comb honey is very versatile!

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