Mesquite Honey – 7 oz


This is what you really came here for.  All of our liquid gold is harvested from neighborhoods all within 20 miles of downtown Austin and hand jarred by our team of beekeepers.  Our mesquite honey is harvested from our Manor, TX bee yards 14 miles from downtown Austin, and all the nectar used to produce this honey was gathered by the bees from Texas mesquite trees.

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Our mesquite honey contains only one nectar source: Texas mesquite trees.  Mesquite honey is electric yellow in color, with a slight green hue.  Mesquite honey has notes of young, green almonds and is Tara’s favorite honey!

Note on crystallization: All of our honey is raw honey, meaning that our honey has never been heated or filtered. Only limited straining has been used to remove the beeswax from the comb. This means all of our honey does crystallize fairly quickly.  Crystallized honey still contains all the flavor and health benefits of raw honey, and has simply changed texture. (In fact, crystallized honey is far less messy to work with in the kitchen!) If you’d like your honey to return to liquid, place the jar in a warm, never boiling, pot of water.

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