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This is all you need to get started this spring! Each package includes all equipment needed to house your nucleus colony. Choose from 8 frame or 10 frame equipment. Questions? Call our Bee Concierge service at (737) 203-8598 during open hours for help! Hive equipment is all assembled and painted white. Equipment for each includes:

-Bottom Board, Inner Cover, and Telescoping Cover 
-One Deep hive body and one medium hive body with frames and beeswax foundation     

-Entrance reducer and deep frame feeder with caps and ladders

Choose the package that meets your beekeeping needs.

Package A : One Nuc + Hive set up. Includes ONE nuc and the hive set up for that nuc. (Need more than one? Just adjust the quantity when checking out!)

Package B Two nuc + hive setup + protective gear and tools. Includes two nucs, a hive set up for each, a full ventilated bee suit, a hive tool, and a bee smoker.  Perfect for the brand new beekeeper.

Package C is perfect for the brand new beekeeper that needs some education! Includes everything in Package B (two hive set up + tools +gear) plus enrollment in our online beekeeping class!  After purchase you will be emailed a coupon for enrollment in the class.

We encourage you to pick up your equipment before the nucs arrive.  E-mail Gina at to let us know when you’ll stop by. We’ll have your equipment set aside and be happy to answer any beekeeping questions you may have.


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We are excited to once again sell Crooked Creek 6 frame nucleus colonies.  Your 6-frame fully functioning colony will arrive in a reusable deep wooden Nuc box.   The nucs will contain:

  • A 2021 “laying” Italian/Carniolan Mixed Hybrid Queen which originates from inseminated hybrid breeder Queens from the USDA Baton Rouge Lab and from Ohio Queen Breeder stock (see additional details on queen genetics below)
  • 4 Inner frames of brood in all stages (egg, larva & pupae) and bees
  • 2 Outer frames contain honey, pollen and adhering bees
  • Wall-to-Wall bees

Nucs will be available for PICKUP ONLY on a Saturday between April 15 – April 30, 2021. Additional details on pick up  date  and times will be provided by mid March.

Crooked Crook will provide a 7 day warranty, starting from the date buyer takes possession of their Nuc.

Crooked Creek nucs contains a VSH queen: VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) is a  hygienic behavior, wherein bees remove  mite-infested cells from the brood nest.  This VSH behavior serves as a natural and physical check on the varroa mites’ ability to reproduce and expand their population inside of a beehive.

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